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Taj Mahal gets air purifiers, as India chokes on pollution


Agra District Administration has stationed two mobile air purifier vans at Taj Mahal, to combat air pollution in the area.

Taj mahal, a UNESCO World Heritage Site, that sees around eight million visitors annually, has been tackling environmental threats that include bug excrement turning it green, contamination from Yamuna River and rapidly increasing air pollution levels in the city.

According to reports, these air purifier vans at Taj Mahal have been installed on a trial basis for limited time. It is also Suggested that one of these vans can purify 1.5 million cubic meters of air in eight hours. This claim however cannot be verified as there is no continuous air monitoring station around Taj Mahal, to calculate Air Quality Index (AQI)

The question that remains is, whether these privately-operated air purifiers mounted on mobile vans, and powered by fossil fuel actually have any impact in conserving the Iconic Monument, or will simply turn out to be a PR campaign for a private firm

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