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This Blogger Will Swap His Business Class Seat With You, if You Find Him at Airport!


Memorize this face. If you want a free upgrade to a Business class seat

This is Mr. Gilbert Ott, a blogger and a travel guru behind godsavethepoints.com, And he is back with his viral “Campaign Catch me if you can”. Offering to swap his first or business class seat with anyone who spots him at an airport and asks him for it.

About his Idea behind this campaign that he first started 2 years ago, he told Travel Newsy, “I wanted to create something fun and different to make travel light hearted and easy. Plus, my blog had debuted on a new platform, and I wanted some attention. Everyone won. Basically, if you happened to find me in an airport and were on my flight, I’d give you my seat”,

He says, this time “What’s different is that people don’t need to be travelling. We’re giving away suites in cool cities, so people can have a staycation, not just a better seat on their flight”

On his Instagram, He is giving away hints for his travel plans to help you locate him.

Mr. Ott Shares more about this campaign in Interview with Travel Newsy

Travel Newsy: Is there some experience that was exceptionally inconvenient for you when you didn’t want to swap your seats but still did it?

Mr. Ott: Yeah, some long overnight flights between the US and Europe, and also between Australia and Asia. Made some people happy though!

Travel Newsy:  How did your readers react to your both campaigns, when you first started with this, and now again?

Mr. Ott: I think people find it amusing, they like the clues and the game part of it. And when people find me, everyone’s happy. 

Travel Newsy:  Please tell us your most memorable experience that you have had when running this Campaign that you would like our readers to 

Mr. Ott: I gave away the penthouse at the Plaza hotel yesterday which felt pretty cool. Someone had waited around in the rain for hours!

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