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India Needs a National Tourism Policy: CII

Indian Tourism Sector should aim to reach 50 billion dollar by 2022


Confederation of Indian Industry (CII) Suggested the Need of a National Tourism Policy for the development of tourism which is one of the largest jobs creating sector in India.

Speaking at the 15th Annual Tourism Summit, Mr. Amitabh Kant, Chief Executive officer NITI Ayog suggested that Tourism should be given Exports Status, as it is the third largest earner of foreign exchange for India and Hotels should be given infrastructure status. We should move towards providing quality tourism by providing not only world class products but also world class experience. Sustainable management practices should be adopted for heritage sites to provide world class experience to tourists.

Tourism is driven by the urge for new experiences. As one of the world’s largest industries and a major engine for economic growth and employment generation, its unparalleled ability to cut across sectors bringing in ancillary revenues in its trail through strong links to other economic sectors, further positions it as an efficient economic multiplier.

Sharing the vision of vision of a 50-billion-dollar tourism sector by 2022. Mr. Kant urged the private sector to work with the Ministry of Tourism to make India one of the 100 tourist destinations in the world.

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