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No Travel Restrictions. WHO Calls for Responsibility & Coordination


Ever since WHO declared COVID-19 as a public health emergency, on 30th January, no travel or trade restrictions have been recommended, based on the currently available information.

WHO continues to work with global experts and governments to grow its knowledge on this new virus and assisting global community in preventing it spread

In a joint statement, WHO and UNWTO have called for close Coordination and Responsibility.

“The tourism sector is fully committed to putting people and their well-being first. International cooperation is vital for ensuring the sector can effectively contribute to the containment of COVID-19. UNWTO and WHO are working in close consultation and with other partners to assist States in ensuring that health measures be implemented in ways that minimize unnecessary interference with international traffic and trade.” Statement says.

It continues “Tourism’s response needs to be measured and consistent, proportionate to the public health threat and based on local risk assessment, involving every part of the tourism value chain – public bodies, private companies, and tourists, in line with WHO’s overall guidance and recommendations”

“At this challenging time, UNWTO and WHO join the international community in standing in solidarity with affected countries” it concludes

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