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As Tourism Dries 57% of Indian Hotels Shut


Ever since the outbreak of coronavirus, Hospitality Industry worldwide has come under a huge strain and India is no exception to it. As the country entered its lockdown period, many hotels have shut down in a hope to reopen as soon as the business starts picking up. 

Speaking to key Industry stake holders, HVS – a global consulting firm in its report has found that, some 57% of 787 branded hotels have become non-operational. The ones operating are running an occupancy of 10% or lower.

While many of the hotels currently operational, in partnership with local governments are serving as a self-isolation facility for those who have recently traveled into India and have been asked by the government to isolate themselves for a period of 14 days.

Some of the guests in these hotels are those who for some reason were unable to travel back to their country due to lockdown, or non-operational flights, etc. Even as these hotels experience crunch in their cashflows, they are still maintaining high standards of their services to all their guests.

In an Innovative offering, some hotels have converted their rooms into office spaces for some organisations working to provide essential services to their clients. Employees from these organisations  are staying and working from their hotel rooms.

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