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Malaysia Airlines Merger With AirAsia a Possibility


Merging of the loss-making Malaysian Airlines and the low-cost airline AirAsia is being considered by the government, Malaysia’s second-most senior minister told Reuters on Friday.

The death of over 1,54,000 people worldwide caused by the pandemic, has led most of the countries to impose a combination of travel ban and lockdown. This unprecedented situation has got the air travel to a virtual halt, leaving the airlines to fight for survival.

Datuk Seri Mohamed Azmin Ali, Malaysia’s minister of international trade and industry who is also the government’s designated second-in-command, said that discussions will soon start and all options will be considered to save the countries airline industry.

He told in an interview that a discussion regarding the possibility of this merger had also taken place last year, however, they need to be continued.

“We were also looking at some of the proposals coming from international players,” he said. “Now the situation is becoming more complex because of this pandemic. We are looking at all options.”

It has not yet been disclosed which other international players have expressed interest and participating in the discussions.

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