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With No Relief: Indian Tourism Industry Reacts in Shock and Disbelief


With the end of four-day marathon announcements for distribution of 20 lakh crore worth of relief package that Government of India had planned to revive the Indian economy, all hopes and expectations of the Tourism Industry seem to have dried up.

The business owners, employees, and the entire supply chain that includes tour guides and local tour operators are in a state of shock and disbelief with what they feel as sheer ignorance by the government and failure in understanding the dire situation of the industry.

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In conversation with Travel Newsy, Industry leaders share their views on current scenario.

Mr. Subhash Goel -Hony. Gen. Secretary FAITH

Mr. E.M. NajeebSr. VP IATO

The entire tourism industry of India, 60 million employees, and entrepreneurs were anxiously waiting for a decent financial bailout package. Govt of India has completely ignored this segment.

It is really shocking, most surprising, and absolutely unfortunate. Millions of employees will lose their job in the coming months, there are no doubts about this. They will be vulnerable than the migrant segment. This segment is already struggling at various levels. Their agonies are unimaginable. Tourism will take a minimum of 18 months to recover.

The ministry of tourism and Niti Ayog is aware of the realities. The entire hospitality industry is fully closed down now. It will take months to reopen and by that time employees will not be there. Bankruptcy will happen to thousands of institutions. Credibility will be lost.

Way forward

Govt should wake up and understand the naked realities of the Tourism industry and come out with a bailout package immediately. Otherwise, it will affect the reputation of the Tourism industry. Govt should please understand the fact that the Tourism industry and its reputation is built over years of tireless efforts of many thousands of entrepreneurs and institutions with the large sums of investment from them and central and state govt. It is extremely important that govt should positively come out with a solution without much delay.

Mr. Siddharth Jain – CEO Sapphire Ventures & Chalo DMC LLP

It’s unbelievable!

The Government has completely sidelined the tourism industry! As if we just don’t exist, None of the segments of the industry, be it Aviation, Hotels, Travels Agents, Tour Operators which employs over 5 crore people have not been taken into consideration. With the help of the government, our Industry could have recovered to the previous growth levels in 2 years which will now take at least 5 years.

Our Faith on the government is almost dead and the motivation of stakeholders has gone to the pits.

Mr. Ravi Gosain – MD- Erco Travels Pvt Ltd
& Hony. Treasurer- IATO

Devastated and surprised by the Government’s ignorance of the tourism sector which contributes 10% to GDP and generates 12% total employment in India. Imagine 5 crores jobs are at risk and there was no relief package or guideline for survival to us. I feel we will see a surge in mass unemployment and shutdowns in Tourism because the road to recovery for tourism will be much longer compared to other sectors.

The tourism industry needs to stand together to fight this crisis. Unfortunately, many companies will downsize their operations because of no business and dried cash flow. I think the need of the hour is systematic financial planning, innovative business ideas, and find some new avenues for meeting out your expenses during the crises period. I am quite positive about business next year, but we have to find a way to survive until then.

Mr. Lally Mathews – Executive Director Divine Voyages Pvt Ltd.

We in the travel industry are really disappointed at being totally ignored in the present crisis. All of us were expecting some packages.

A lot of the small operators are really facing problems paying salaries and rent. The way forward is now to fend for yourself and try to survive until better times come. This could be by minimising your overheads maybe salary cuts. Take loans if you have to and survive.

We get forex to the country, generate employment, and contribute almost 9 percent to the GDP but still, we have been ignored. God help the small operators

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