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Electronic Monitoring Devices Mandatory For Travellers Entering Singapore


Singapore: Starting from 11th August, travellers entering Singapore will need to wear an electronic monitoring device to ensure that they comply with quarantine regulations, as announced by the authorities recently.

The devices will be given to all incoming travellers including citizens and residents from a selected group of countries who will be allowed to isolate at home rather than having to stay at a government facility.  Travellers will have to pick up these devices after the immigration clearance and activate them once they arrive at their location of quarantine.

Authorities will get an alert if an attempt is made to tamper with the device or its user tries to leave the quarantine location.

This move by the government follows a similar regulation already in place in countries like Hong Kong & South Korea.

Authorities have clarified that the devices will not store any personal information. Now information has been shared regarding what the devices will look like.

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