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Food Tourism Innovation Summit Slated for October 30


LONDON: This year’s FoodTreX Innovation Summit is slated to take place online on Friday, October 30. FoodTreX Innovation is where professionals working in food, beverage, tourism, and hospitality come every year to get ideas and inspiration about how to leverage better the power of food tourism for their own businesses, organizations, and destinations.

This year’s Summit tackles many of the issues that are of critical interest in food tourism today:

  • How food- and beverage- lovers can travel without using plastic
  • Diversifying restaurant and foodservice operations to survive and thrive in current economic conditions
  • How businesses can tackle the issue of cultural appropriation
  • What London’s popular Borough Market learned since the pandemic began
  • And finally, where the food and beverage tourism industry is headed in 2021

Interested parties can learn more and register at www.WorldFoodTravel.org/innovation-summit 

“Normally, the Summit would happen in person in London the day before World Travel Market (WTM) begins, but with travel restrictions in place, we decided to move this year’s Summit online,” said Association Executive Director Erik Wolf. “That said, the Summit is still an official event of World Travel Market’s London Travel Week. We will be delivering another virtual summit on a food tourism issue for the WTM team in mid-November.”

Food tourism is also known as culinary tourism and gastronomy tourism. While the all-encompassing “food tourism” term typically is used to describe food lovers who travel to experience culinary culture and heritage, it also includes all other types of food, beverage, agriculture and even gourmet experiences. In the value chain of the food and beverage industry, food tourism resides at the top because of the impact of its value-added products and experiences to an area’s economy. Learn more at www.WhatIsFoodTourism.org.


FoodTreX stands for food travel excellence. It is the umbrella brand for the food travel trade events organized since 2017 by the World Food Travel Association. FoodTreX events are held both in-person and online, and cover regional, global, innovation and research issues in food and beverage tourism.


The WFTA is a non-profit organization that was founded in 2001 by its current executive director Erik Wolf. It is recognized as the world’s leading authority on food tourism/ culinary tourism/ gastronomy tourism. The WFTA’s mission is to preserve and promote culinary cultures through hospitality and travel. Every year, the organization serves nearly 200,000 professionals in 150+ countries. For more information, visit www.WorldFoodTravel.org.

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