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Another Feather In The Hat: IATTE Collaborates with Museum of Tourism

As it continues achieving milestones and gaining popularity by day, among the tourism professionals, IATTE has managed to achieve within a matter of days, what several existing organisations have had to struggle for years to reach.


Together with crossing a milestone of 1300 members within the span of 75 days, IATTE has now become the first tourism forum to have collaborated with the Museum of Tourism

The announcement for the same was made in an online meeting that was joined by Mr. Naveen Manchanda, Ms. Veena Robinson, Mr. Subhash Verma, Mr. Alberto, and several other members of both the organisations

“Today we have achieved another milestone with the Museum of Tourism, I think nobody has done this before. IATTE is the first tourism forum to become a part of the Museum of tourism, As both share a common vision of virtual networking”. said Mr. Naveen Manchanda, President, IATTE.

“Museum of tourism which is a non-profit initiative more than 100 people participating and no one gets paid for their service, so the budget is ZERO, the idea behind this is reminding and highlighting the history of tourism.

“There are so many people that have worked in past to do something great for the Tourism sector. In this way, we aim to bring all these people together who are enthusiastic about the history of tourism this way want to show the world, companies, destinations, that professionals of the sector made some time ago

“This museum is web-based and can be visited through its web page http://www.themuseumoftourism.org, Facebook pages that we have in nine languages, and Twitter, Instagram and Youtube channel pages

“The Museum has several rooms where we have on display different aspects of the history of tourism. It can be a history of tourism of a country, destination, a company, or a person.

“We currently have 42 rooms in eight countries, and I am happy to announce that Room no 43 will be headquartered in India, and Office of IATTE, and its a real pleasure for us”. Said, Mr. Alberto Bosque Coello, Coordinator at Museum of tourism

Mr. Subhash Verma, National Advisor, IATTE said “This is a happy occasion for us, and I wish all the best for all of us to work together with some innovative ideas”.

He added, “In tourism, via art culture and heritage this museum will be very instrumental in bringing peace and harmony to the whole world in a post COVID environment globally, as it acts as the epitome of art and culture. It’s a great idea.”

Through its campaign #TourismPositive, IATTE has been actively involving its members through several online meetings to maintain positivity among them and ready themselves for business post COVID.

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