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From Crisis to Prosperity: The 16th Aviation Management Conference


Amsterdam:  Titled, ‘From Crisis to Prosperity: Paradigm Shift in Aviation Industry’, The 16th Aviation Management Conference, to be held on 13th January 2021 is being organised by fifteen students from Amsterdam University of Applied Sciences, with an idea that aviation industry should consider changing its future course for attaining a sustainable future for businesses themselves, the society and the environment.

The organisers in the statement said “We think this crisis has also created opportunities. Before COVID-19 the aviation industry was rapidly growing and facing numerous problems and challenges regarding capacity, sustainability, etcetera. This situation gives us the possibility to alter the course of the industry so that we will not be facing the same problems in the future and can create a more sustainable future for all. We want to create a shift towards an altered aviation system by emphasising the young professionals’ role. The system, in this case, referring to the aviation industry as a whole.”

Some of the confirmed speakers at the conference include:

The conference plans to discuss several key subjects such as Social Economic Impact, Social Responsibility, Extended Producer Responsibility, Innovation, Technology in Aviation etc…

Discussing on the economic impact of aviation, the organisers talk about the requirement of extending the producer responsibility. They explain how with time airlines have mastered the skills relating to financial profits and business growth strategies, but have failed to address the negative impacts on the environment caused by their reliability on non-renewable fossil fuels

There are two identified loops. Organisations have become very successful with the closed-loop on the left side, which are the basic principles of business. They, however, have left the loop open on the right side, which will disrupt our home – the planet

Among several topics of discussion, conference, we will be discussing concepts which can help to close the right-side loop. We will be focussing and highlighting the idea of extended producer responsibility and associate concepts

More details about the conference can be found HERE

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