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IATO Votes to Get Best of Both Contesting Teams


New Delhi: The recent elections had seen several key issues, both internal and external to IATO that were highlighted in the manifesto of both contesting teams. The members have given their verdict and have opted to get the best of both. The direction in which IATO moves forward resides in the co-operation between the elected members that interestingly includes equal numbers from each contesting team.

Here is what the President and the Senior Vice president say about their plans on the workings of IATO

Rajiv Mehra, President IATO

“IATO elections results have been a split verdict, with each group getting 7 seats. Although we have contested the elections as two different groups, I would like this to be one group now and work together for the benefit of our members who are already in a lot of trouble due to lack of business.

“We have to look at various aspects and the most important is that everything can be achieved if we move as one group. Not two manifestos’ but work on a manifesto that is best for our members in totality

“We have to address a number of things immediately which includes the reduction in the minimum MDA allocation from 2 crores to 25Lakh rupees and increase the maximum limit from 25 crores to 50 crores and more.

“Secondly, Although the MOT recognition criteria have been amended in our favour, we have requested that all those who have done a 6 months skill development course must be considered as trained staff.

“Apart from that, we have the problem of SEIS, which we are hoping to be resolved in the coming weeks.  We also have to ensure that tourism is included in the 2021 – 25 policy

“For the revival of tourism, we have requested the government of India to announce the date when the e-visa will be restored and international flights are started. Knowing the dates, even if it is 2 months or more ahead of today, will allow the foreign agents to start their planning, so as soon as the visas are granted, the Groups and FIT’s can start travelling to India.

“These are many things that we want to do. And I am very confident that even though we got a split verdict, we will work as one team and work for the benefit of the trade.”

E.M. Najeeb, Sr. Vice President IATO

“As we have received a split verdict with 7 members from both the contesting teams, it is important that a common minimum programme from both the manifestoes is agreed upon to move forward and getting the best results for our members.

“The current team should really work hard, make use of all sources to get the job done for the betterment of the members. It is very important for the elected members to come and work together as one team.

“Some of the very important issues have been raised in the manifesto’s that now need to be worked upon, and can only be done with complete co-operation from each other.

“I am hopeful that this team will successfully deliver on all the key issues with Mr Rajiv Mehra as the president. He had reached out to me post elections and offered complete co-operation and assured me to work as one team and take ideas onboard from both the teams for moving forward

“The future course of action will be decided in the upcoming EC meetings.”

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