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When You Can’t Travel Physically, #DiscoverGermanyFromHome


New Delhi: Even with the warm weather and travel restrictions we are currently experiencing, cannot (and should not) stop you from dreaming. Whilst you are at it: why not dream of a sunny summer holiday in Germany? The recently updated micro website “DiscoverGermanyFromHome” allows you to travel virtually to some of Germany’s most impressive and unique natural sights and destinations. Are you ready to discover natural highlights you might want to add to your bucket list for your next trip (so you are all prepared for when we can travel again)? Then have a look at our suggestions below!

Berchtesgadener Land: A hiking paradise

The region Berchtesgadener Land in Southern Germany, close to the Austrian border, is ideal for your next trip if you seek to align your spirits with nature. One highlight is Lake Königssee, which is surrounded by the steep rock walls of for example the famous Mount Watzmann (2,713m) amongst others. If you have the time, enjoy a boat trip to St. Bartholomew where a small pilgrimage church awaits your visit. The region offers many challenges for hiking enthusiasts, as there are remote mountain peaks to climb and other waterfalls and lakes to admire along the way. The video introduces some breath-taking and spectacular views from a bird’s eye perspective if you need even more convincing that the national park is worth a trip. Watch the video here.

The Saar Loop Treetop Path: A multi-generational experience

In the South West of Germany, the Saar Loop Treetop Path is an almost barrier-free trail towards a viewing platform of one of Germany’s most known river loops. The 800m long trail leads visitors at a height of 23m through the treetops. Educational panels along the way invite the visitors to learn more about the countryside. Hopefully, you are not afraid of heights as the platform at 42m offers a refreshing view over the surrounding hills and trees, and of course the Saar loop. Watch the video here.

The Moselle River: Cycling along vineyards

The 248km long cycle path next to the Moselle connects many towns along the way from the Roman cities Trier to Koblenz. The journey along the path, which originally starts in France, is ideal for a family weekend because it combines various outdoor activities, such as exploring old castles, green valleys and even hiking trails along the cycling route. One noteworthy hiking track is the Moselsteig trail, which has been certified as “Leading Quality Trail – Best of Europe”, offering a great view over the valleys and the Moselle from another perspective. Watch the video here.

Langeoog: An island in the UNESCO World Natural Heritage Site of the Wadden Sea

Langeoog is one of the seven inhabited East Frisian Islands in the North Sea. As the small island is car-free, guests are able to reconnect with nature by exploring the 14km long beach or cycling along signposted paths through the dunes. The Wadden Sea is a unique ecosystem and shelters about 10,000 species of flora and fauna. Mudflat hiking tours are a great way for the whole family to find out more about the biodiversity of the island. The landmark of the island is the water tower; you have a stunning view over the island from its platform. To discover more highlights of the charming island and its town centre, click yourself through the 360° photos on the map. Enjoy the tour here.

Garden Dreams in Saxony-Anhalt: Exploring the diverse cultural heritage of gardening

Saxony-Anhalt is an Eastern federal state of Germany and has more than 1,000 gardens. The 50 most remarkable gardens are part of the project “Garden Dreams 360°” and represent the variety of garden types and designs from different eras. Visitors can find out more about the history of the parks and nearby architecture and contribute to the gardens’The green areas are not only destinations for garden lovers, but they are great places to relax and de-stress in the cool shadows of the trees on a hot summer day. Enjoy the Panorama here.

#DiscoverGermanyFromHome: More impressions of natural sights

If you would like to find out more about the destinations and virtually explore other unique natural wonders in Germany, visit the website “DiscoverGermanyFromHome” (link below) More information on Discover Germany from home here

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