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IATTE Launches Its Job Search Platform To Help Industry Retain and Gain New Talent


With the Indian tourism industry, undergoing a crisis-like situation, It is imperative for the industry to retain its existing talent and incorporate fresh talent to have a swift recovery in the coming days

IATTE, lead by Dr. Naveen Manchanda, launched its IATTE Jobs platform to bridge the gap between job creators and job seekers in hospitality and tourism industry. 

In an exclusive conversation with Travel Newsy, Dr. Manchanda tells us more about the new platform and how the tourism industry can benefit from the same.

What lead you to come up with IATTE Jobs?

It’s the present situation where we see our fraternity colleagues suffering. Ours is the worst-hit industry and it’s our duty to help each other.

Can anyone post vacancies or apply for jobs appearing on your portal or it will be restricted to IATTE members only?

Anyone can apply, it’s about helping the industry and we are not limited to IATTE. On the contrary, we encourage more and more tourism professionals to join IATTE.

What will be a registration process and are there any fees for job seekers?

There is no fee for job seekers. They just need to register at http://www.jobs.iatte.org It takes less than 2 Minùtes to register.

What do employers need to do, to publish their jobs on IATTE Jobs? will there be a fee for them?

There will be a very nominal fee for employers and they will be publishing Requirements on social media channels. We will be guiding you soon about the process. The first step is to get a good number of résumés from job seekers to start posting ads of employers

Will the jobs only be available for tour operators and travel agents? or jobs from other verticals will also be available here

It will be for the entire hospitality & tourism industry.

Will you be providing any assisted services to the job seekers such as resume making, assisted job search, etc..?

No such thing is planned till now. Our purpose is to create a bridge between job seekers and employers by connecting them and they will interact directly afterward.

What role do you see IATTE Jobs playing within the tourism industry in the next 5 years?

We are doing our best efforts, let’s hope that we are able to help our colleagues from the industry. Right now it’s too early to predict anything, we just want to go with the flow and be useful for the entire travel/hospitality community.

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