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The US Developing New Rules For International Visitors


The US administration is developing a new system that would require Covid-19 vaccinations and contact tracing of international visitors.

Under this system, all foreign visitors will need to be vaccinated. The contact tracing will help the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention to contact these tourists and anyone who would have come in contact with them in case of potential Covid-19 exposure.

The current broad restrictions will stay for now due to the recent spike of Covid-19 cases until the new system is rolled out. These restrictions prevent most non-Americans who have travelled to India, China, Brazil, the United Kingdom, large parts of Europe, and other countries in the last 14 days to enter the US. The travel industry had made demands to relax these restrictions, especially for UK visitors.

Anthony Fauci, the top expert on infectious diseases for the government, said he would support a proposal requiring domestic flyers to be vaccinated.

The airline industry however is opposing it, saying the new rules will be difficult to implement and will lead to delays at the airport. Besides, since travellers on train, bus or car will not need it, it was highly unfair to restrict only the air travellers.

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