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China May Open Borders If Vaccination Targets Are Reached By Early 2022


China could open its borders once 85 per cent of its population is vaccinated by early 2022.

Gao Fu, head of the Chinese Center for Disease Control and Prevention, in a recent interview, said that while the epidemic has been controlled with proper measures, sufficient vaccines have been produced as well to inoculate people during this time. This will assist in making the vaccination rate reach more than 85 per cent by early 2022. There will also be fewer infections and casualties, with the virus becoming less virulent.

This would be providing the perfect time to open up, said Gao. The covid-19 virus would become more like the flu in terms of its fatality and infection rate and humans would learn to co-exist with it. Efforts would be needed to produce more effective vaccines and drugs

Source: China Daily

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