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Dr. Mayukh Dewan

Dr. Mayukh Dewan's experience and knowledge in the hospitality industry is attributed to his experience travelling and working across the different countries around the world. He has experience managing hotels & restaurants along with teaching and researching in the field of hospitality & tourism and food habits of tourists

Handling Stress and Personal Mental Health in Post COVID Tourism & Hospitality Industry

Ever since the start of the pandemic, the importance of taking care of one's own mental health has taken the limelight. The past year...

Indian Hotel Industry Megashifts Post Pandemic: A Researchers Prediction

With the havoc caused by a coronavirus in 2020 across the world, the Indian hospitality industry faced the brunt of this pandemic. All through...

Solutions for Surviving COVID-19: A Malaysian Hotel and Tourism Industry Perspective.

In the first part of this article, we have discussed the economic impact of Coronavirus on the Malaysian tourism and hospitality industry. In this...

Surviving COVID-19: A Malaysian Hotel and Tourism Industry Perspective.

With Covid-19 hitting almost all the countries in the world, the industry which has been highest hit has been the travel industry as well...

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