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If you are a hospitality, travel & tourism industry or an academic expert, Industry wants to hear from you and we do too.

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  • Please note that any content submitted by you must not have been previously published with any other website and publication.
  • All the copyrights for content submitted by you will be held by yourself. However, the republishing of the same article on a different website or publication must be given a source reference to Travel Newsy.
  • Travel Newsy takes plagiarism very seriously. It will be solely your responsibility, to ensure no copyrights are infringed in your articles.
  • Copyrights must be respected even during submission of any form of audios, videos, and images.
  • Minimum Length: Article Length must be minimum 800 – 2000 words maximum
  • Once an Article is Submitted, it will be sent for a review by our team. We will get back to you in case we need any clarification.
  • Once the Article is published, we will inform you by an email

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