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Findings by Sankash Illustrate Shifts in India’s Travel Preferences


Sankash, India’s foremost travel fintech platform, has unveiled a trend that has captured the attention of urbanites across the nation. Sankash has observed an extraordinary increase in travel reservations as the capital city of New Delhi prepares for a scheduled closure from September 8 to 10. During this brief interlude, individuals and families are seizing the opportunity to relax and combine work and leisure activities.

As the impending long weekend approaches, a magnetic draw towards domestic travel destinations becomes increasingly palpable. Among these enticing options, Puducherry stands out as the most alluring, capturing the affections of a significant 40 percent of domestic tourists with its harmonious blend of history and tranquilly. In addition, the coastal beauty and tranquil atmosphere of Daman and Diu attract an impressive 30 percent of domestic appointments. Goa attracts adventurers and wanderers, luring 11% of travellers with its diverse experiences that appeal to a variety of preferences.

The picturesque landscapes of Sikkim and the tranquil backwaters of Kerala continue to captivate. These preferred destinations collectively reflect the rich tapestry of India’s travel landscape, where each region offers a distinct allure and promises unforgettable escapes during the upcoming long weekends.

As remote work becomes more prevalent, individuals search for novel methods to fulfil their professional obligations while enjoying a change of scenery. According to the data collected by Sankash, an increasing number of individuals are taking advantage of this exceptional circumstance by temporarily relocating to alternative locations for a three-day retreat.

Akash Dahiya, Co-Founder and CEO of SanKash, remarked, “We’re seeing an exciting trend where people are using the Delhi shutdown as an opportunity to escape the routine and explore new environments without sacrificing their work obligations.” This signifies a significant shift in how people view travel; it’s no longer just about vacations, but also about attaining work-life balance in inspiring locations.

The demographics of travellers weave an intriguing tale of disparate travellers. The tapestry includes Couple Travellers, who are responsible for an astounding 42 percent of reservations. In this demographic, individuals between the ages of 22 and 45 embrace the opportunity to embark on shared excursions and discover new horizons with their partners. Simultaneously, 30% of reservations are made by solo travellers. Solo travellers between the ages of 18 and 45 blaze their own trails of exploration, exemplifying the growing trend of independent, juvenile exploration.

Family and Friends groups, which account for 28% of bookings, enrich the mosaic even further. This section highlights the significance of communal journeys for Indian travellers. Collectively, these demographics influence the country’s vibrant mosaic of travel preferences, highlighting the myriad ways in which individuals seek to experience and interact with India’s diverse landscapes.

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